Senior Advisors

In addition to its Investment Team, MPE Partners works closely with two third-party Senior Advisors. Jeff Gwinnell brings 35+ years of operational experience and John Lutsi brings 20 years of operational experience and 20 years of investment experience. Mr. Gwinnell and Mr. Lutsi have significant experience working with MPE’s Investment Professionals in multiple investments.

Jeff Gwinnell

Jeff Gwinnell has worked with MPE’s Investment Professionals since 2007 and recently transitioned from his role as a member of the MPE Partners Executive Council to become a Senior Advisor and Consultant. Mr. Gwinnell serves as a director of Trachte and Bettcher Industries, both current MPE portfolio companies. Before serving on the Executive Council, Mr. Gwinnell was President and CEO of Avtron, a realized portfolio company investment from legacy Morgenthaler funds, where he was integral in effecting a smooth transition from family to institutional ownership. Prior to his role at Avtron, Mr. Gwinnell served as CEO of multiple industrial companies and gained significant high-value manufacturing experience. Mr. Gwinnell also worked at McKinsey & Company for seven years.

As a Senior Advisor, Mr. Gwinnell focuses on assisting and advising MPE Partners with its evaluation of new opportunities and adding value to portfolio companies through operational enhancements.

John Lutsi

John Lutsi joined Morgenthaler as a Partner in 1990 and transitioned to Partner Emeritus with MPE Partners in 2013. Mr. Lutsi currently serves as Senior Advisor and Consultant, and was previously a director of Polytek Development Corp. While at Morgenthaler, Mr. Lutsi served as Chairman of several realized portfolio company investments from legacy Morgenthaler funds. From 1986 until 1990, Mr. Lutsi managed MBO activity for the Pitcairn Financial Management Group as Senior Vice President. Prior to his private equity investing career, Mr. Lutsi gained 20 years of financial and operations management experience at both public and private manufacturing and business services companies, including Raymark, Carborundum, and IBM. He received a B.S. from Youngstown State University and an M.B.A. from Loyola of Maryland.

As a Senior Advisor, Mr. Lutsi’s primary responsibilities include assisting and advising MPE Partners with its evaluation of new opportunities and adding value to portfolio companies through operational enhancements.