On Deck Circle

In addition to its Executive Council, MPE Partners has worked to develop and formalize a network of additional third-party executive relationships, which we refer to as the “On Deck Circle.”  By utilizing the On Deck Circle, MPE can develop situation specific opportunities to partner with strong managers who are currently employed at a larger corporation or have recently completed a private equity senior management role and are waiting to find their next great career opportunity.  Members of the On Deck Circle may provide expertise during the due diligence process, fill permanent company positions, or provide interim management services.  The majority of On Deck Circle members seek to become full time, senior executives at one of MPE Partners’ portfolio companies and typically relocate to the portfolio company headquarters on a permanent basis.

We are always looking to broaden our network and add qualified candidates to our On Deck Circle.  For consideration, please submit your confidential resume to bneifach*AT*mpepartners.com