Value Creation

We are a committed partner, working closely with our portfolio companies over the long-term to help them achieve their growth objectives. We look to create value across four dimensions through our strategic MPE Company-Building Approach:

Mentoring and Recruiting 

  • Executive Council, MPE, and third-party mentors/coaches
  • Executive Council as interim or permanent management
  • Network of operating relationships, including MPE’s On Deck Circle
  • Known recruiting resources

Incentive Alignment and Organizational Design

  • Co-investment and stock option incentives
  • Performance-based management bonuses
  • Team building and open communication

Organic Revenue Growth

  • Sales and marketing discipline
  • Global expansion
  • New product development
  • End market and channel penetration
  • Pricing strategies

Add-On Acquisitions

  • Market share gains and cross-selling
  • Enhanced geographic reach
  • Product and/or service expansion

Profitability Enhancements

  • Process disciplines (lean, Six Sigma, continuous improvement)
  • Metrics and key performance indicators (“KPIs”)
  • Facility layout and flow
  • Fixed cost reductions and facility rationalization
  • Strategic, global sourcing and purchasing
  • Make versus buy analysis and outsourcing

Asset Efficiency

  • Working capital management
  • Increased capital productivity

Corporate Finance

  • Prudent financial leverage
  • Refinancings
  • Add-on acquisitions

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Annual budgets
  • Monthly reporting
  • Margin segmentation
  • Pricing analyses
  • Capital expenditure analyses and ROI hurdles