Ideal Aluminum

Company Overview

Designer and manufacturer of premium aluminum fences, gates, railings, and other related outdoor products for residential and commercial applications.

Investment Status

Active. Seeking add-on acquisitions to diversify product offerings and expand geographically.

Transaction Overview

MPE partnered in the transaction with the Founders who retained significant ownership.

Investment Thesis
  • Continue market leading capabilities in product design, procurement, logistics management, customer service responsiveness, and on-time delivery
  • Well positioned to benefit from several industry trends including the shift from urban to suburban living, migration from the Northeast to the Southeast, an increased focus on home improvements including outdoor living, and a shift in material mix to aluminum away from wood and chain link fence alternatives
  • Strong customer relationships will enable it to expand its wallet share of existing aluminum fence products and introduce new product lines
  • Launch digital marketing capabilities to drive engagement with customers, homeowners, and installers
  • Pursue add-on acquisitions that present opportunities to enter new end markets, add new products and capabilities, and expand geographically
MPE Partners Contacts: Graham Schena, Joe Machado and Lukas Sontich
St. Augustine, FL
Commercial & Industrial Services
Transaction Type:
Leveraged Recapitalization
Investment Year:
MPE Partners III, L.P.